20 Notes


Fifteen months is proving to be both highly entertaining and highly trying! Like many toddlers, Harper is into everything: scattering cupboard contents, throwing houseplant dirt, eating the cat food and dumping out the water dish, lifting toilet lids, shredding the newspaper, unloading the fridge… etc. 

She has also taken to pulling hair, biting hard, and generally trying to rearrange the face/body with her strong little fingers topped with dagger nails. 

Although I’d rather not be the victim of her outbursts, the most difficult thing right now is when she attacks other kids, like her cousins or the unsuspecting little ones at church. I know this is normal for many toddlers but it sure is frustrating! I’m not sure the best way to go about helping her stop, other than always telling her to be soft and removing her from the situation. 

Logic and reasoning don’t work here. And I can’t even bribe or threaten! 

However, as I said earlier this is also a really fun phase, and for the 90% of the time that she isn’t biting, pinching, hitting, scratching, she is an absolutely bundle of charm and personality. Her vocabulary is growing remarkably and she is so playful and fun. 

I am crossing my fingers for lots of sibling love come August. Hopefully she’ll be past her violent phase, at least towards babies!



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